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ZAK’s experience of trading all the major energy products and our understanding of the dynamics within and across the energy markets establishes us with powerful insights as to the ebb and flow of LNG demand. ZAK has been significantly involved in trading the downstream natural gas and catering to power markets, which are the ultimate drivers for LNG demand. Traditionally, the LNG business has been typified by large scale point-to-point transactions. However, many customers are recognizing the flexibility of LNG as a traded commodity and placing greater reliance on the spot market. ZAK is ideally positioned to support both ends of the equation.
With our acknowledged trading expertise, we provide wholesale market access to upstream producers and project developers as well as supplying downstream customers such as utilities, industrial concerns, governments and financial investors. We employ a range of sophisticated tools including spot, forward, swaps and spreads and can tailor structured transactions to incorporate features such as cross-commodity hedging and embedded optionality to better manage market risk.
We can offer LNG from our partners who have a diversified portfolio comprising of Short term master agreements to supply LNG in Spot as well as under long term Agreements to cater to the needs of our customers. To ensure reliability of supply, we are also finalizing Master agreements with LNG producers in diverse geographic regions. Our logistic team has access to some of the newest and most reliable LNG floating tonnage to ensure that we can meet our clients’ expectations every time, on time. We deliver LNG on DES basis or CIF basis depending on the clients’ preference.

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